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Thread: Italy - Rome and Tuscany - where to stay

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    I've heard of those two hotels, the Villa Olmi resort isn't that far outside of Florence at all and close to an ATAF bus stop that would bring you relatively close to the center of Florence so it would be a good choice even if you don't have a car.
    The San Gallo is in Florence so you'd have no problem in moving around.

    If you're looking for elegant places in Florence, I'd also suggest:
    Hotel Principe
    Villa Antea
    Residenza Casanuova
    Casa del Garbo
    Casa del Mercato
    Casa Tornabuoni

    If you stay just outside of Florence in the outskirts, as long as you're near bus stops, you can easily get back into town.... the really nice places generally are further into the countryside and a car would then be recommended.
    For example, these are in the outskirts but still have bus stops relatively close to make it easy to get into Florence:
    La Paggeria
    Poggio al Sole
    Agriturismo Villani

    While I think a car would be necessary for this very nice villa which is further away: Villa Torre a Cona
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    I would suggest rent a car, else you might miss on beautiful sculptures and natural beauty of Rome. Rome is a beautiful place but you need time to visit all the places.

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