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Thread: Electronics or Motorola store?

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    Default Electronics or Motorola store?

    I am currently travelling through Europe and am enjoying a few weeks in Tuscany, unfortunately recent rain has ruined the headphone jack in my laptop. I now need to find an electronics store or motorola store that will sell bluetooth headphones as they are the only thing that will work and I still have many hours of bussing and training to do and many movies to watch to pass the time!

    I will be in Florence for another day and Venice for another few days after that if anyone has any suggestions there. Thank you in advance!

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    Florence, Italy


    In Florence, the best electronics stores not too far from the center is Expert / Ganzaroli store: Via Lanza 26 - here is the map showing where it is: Via Giovanni Lanza, 26, 50136 Firenze - Google Maps
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