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    Default where to buy bike maps?

    I am from Slovakia, and I cannot find Florence maps for bike tours. Is there any eshop, where I can buy maps online? (It should be at least 1 : 50 000, because 1 : 100 000 is not suitable, it is not detailed. map with 1 : 20 000 would be great

    It can be map of Florence, but also anywhere in Tuscany.

    can you recommend me some paper map and where I can buy it online (so it can be shipped to Slovakia)?


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    I found a link to this book which might have the information you are looking for:

    and the book is called Cycling Tuscany Atlas ( )

    I also found this site which links with google maps and gives pretty detailed info on MTB biking trails in Tuscany:

    And I also found this site ( that has maps at the 1:20000 level for Tuscany and it shows you can order online.

    Buon Viaggio!

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