Ciao, Lourdes, thank you again for your help. I hope you are feeling well. I am glad to know it will be that easy to get a lantern (and I presume - ???? - batteries will be sold at the same places for the LED light in the lantern????)........and I did get my train tickets for Venezia to Firenze and Firenze to Roma on Italo and on Trenitalia (varying schedules necessitated one ticket on each line) - very low prices since I purchased so early - over THREE months ahead! I am now looking at the train ticket for Roma to the airport - but think I cannot purchase yet on Trenitalia for Leonardo Express. I am debating whether to order my Firenze Pass and Roma Pass online ahead of time, and think probably not, as it won't save any time since I have to exchange the printed receipt for the card, anyway. Or, maybe so, and then exchange a a sight where lines are not so long, like Palazzo Vecchio (near my apartment). Anyway, the trip is getting closer and I'm getting more excited! My landlady in Florence has invited me to lunch at a place where she says tourists don't know about, so that should be fun!