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    Default Pocket Wifi rental in Florence?


    I'll be in Florence next week and would like to ask whether I can rent a pocket wifi during my stay.
    Which provider is good? Can I book it beforehand through any website? Can I pick up at the airport or their shops in downtown? Thanks!

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    Default Pocket WiFi


    to be honest the only experience I have had with a pocket Wifi was when a friend came to visit last September and the hotel provided one with their accommodations - so first step would be to check with your hotel/B&B etc to see if they have or can acquire that for your.

    Looking online it appears that most of the phone providers (Telecom, Vodafon, Tim, 3, etc.) have pocket options but most contracts seem to be for a long term option.

    I did find:
    and they have options for shorter periods of time.

    In Florence for example there are several WiFi hotspots (here is a link that gives a list of addresses: and many of the bars offer hotspots. However, I know that doesn't help if you are in the middle of Chianti and want to find the closest restaurant. ;-)

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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