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    Cool Tuscany with Children

    Our family will be staying just outside Florence from Aug 25-Aug 29. What are some fun activities to do with kids (ages 12 and 14)?

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    Default Fun things for kids

    I have been recently researching for an article though the article is not ready I can share three things with you:

    Horse back riding in Lucca - not as expensive as I had thought and a fun afternoon. You can check out this link for more info. I used the link below and enjoyed the trip, the horses and the service.

    I also visited Lago Massaciuccoli...I know, the name is a mouthful even for the Italians. It is a great mix of wildlife reserve, Roman history and...well it is close to the beach and everyone likes a trip to the beach !! Check this link out for more info:

    The last activity I checked out was a trip into the Abetone mountains right outside of Florence, besides being a beautiful place, I found a world record just waiting to be tested (actually it has been demoted to 2nd place in the Guinness Book...but it was still cool) a Pedestrian suspension bridge. ohhh, and for the parents: free attraction. I did this and the Botanical Garden on the same day. This attached link gives you an idea for an itinerary

    Actually I am going to take on another place, my favorite museum in Florence is Palazza Davazanti, it is a building restored to the time frame with authentic furnishing for the bedrooms and kitchens.

    Buon Viaggio

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    They might enjoy riding bicycles along the wall at Lucca. There are numerous bike rental shops, and the rate is very reasonable. Parents would enjoy this, too. We took my nephew recently, and he had a great time. (Of course, he wanted to turn it into a race.)

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