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    Default train tickets... from florence and to rome

    We are arriving in Tuscany in about a week and will spend a day in Lucca (need train tixs from Florence) and then need train tixs from Orviento to Rome later in the stay. Should we buy our tixs before we leave ? or on the day we travel? Not sure how popular these routes are and if it is difficult to buy train tixs on the day of travel.

    Thank you in advance

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    Default Train tickets


    You shouldn't really have any problem booking tickets once you get here AND it leaves you a bit more flexible on your times. Availability should not be the issue especially for Roma/Orvieto. This ticket is a regional train, and takes about an hour to get in - cost is about 15Euros (one way) in two. I was in a car - but I have taken the "funiculare" directly up to the main city before. It is in front of the train station and it will take you up to the area right next to the Well of St. Patrick - or you can take the bus located right outside of the train station. I really don't suggest walking there - it is quite a hike.
    I ate at the Trattoria la Pergola - and had an absolutely wonderful meal - and service!! or if you are looking for just a quick sandwich the Il Negozietto (try their porchetta), both are located on Via dei Magoni which is a very pictureque cross road on the main road towards the Duomo.

    The train to Lucca is the same thing as above, no problem with the reservations. It is a local train - though I am not familiar with the costs.

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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