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Thread: 9 Day Itinerary help Florence, Cinque Terre and ...?

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    Default 9 Day Itinerary help Florence, Cinque Terre and ...?

    I was hoping to gather information about a proposed itinerary below. Do you have any suggestions on the itinerary below and addition of any activities? I also wanted to visit a beach (Livorno maybe) and do not prefer to go to Museums.

    Day 1-4
    Florence + Day trip to Siena

    Day 5-6
    Cinque Terre + Portofino

    Day 7-9
    Tuscany countryside


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    Default Beaches on Vacation


    You could do some beautiful beaches while you are visiting Cinque Terre & Portofino, have a look at the articles at this link which will give you some ideas of which beaches you might want to visit while in Cinque Terre:

    Though if you want to do a beach in Livorno that is great, they don’t really “specialize in sandy beaches” but I have gone there a couple of times (mainly for SCUBA diving) and enjoyed the local flavor. (Bagni Pancaldi in Acquaviva - Viale Italia, 62 - 57127 Livorno) You could also check out visiting the canals in which have given Livorno a reputation of the Venice in Tuscany, maybe with a tour (http://www.livornobyboat.com/).

    Buon Viaggio,
    Donna Denise

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