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Thread: A weekend at the Cinque Terre

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    Default A weekend at the Cinque Terre

    View of the Cinque Terre coastline with Vernazza poking out at center

    We spent last weekend at Cinque Terre, planning to hike and visit all five of the towns along the beautiful c... ...Read More...

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    Smile The Beauty of Lerici and Tellaro...

    Hi my name is lorenzo and i own a nice B&B in Marina di Carrara, near Lerici and 5 Terre. Today i was reading a beautiful article from the NEW YORK TIMES regarding the Beauty of Lerici and the 5 Terre... it explains perfectly how beautiful the coast is. Last week we had some clients from NY and we decide to take them to Lerici. It was a wonderful sunny day, and Lerici was full of Tourists. Amazing, they got shocked by the beauty of the castle and the small harbor that surround the town. We had dinner in a lovely restaurant own by the local fisherman's association, the fish was fresh, the waiters so kind: it was a 10+

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    Ciao Lorenzo and welcome to the DT Forum!

    For anyone interested in the NYT article, here is the link on Lerici: An Italian Beauty Without Foreign Suitors.

    As the article also points out, Lerici retains much of its charm because it is difficult to get there: no train station and not that much parking spaces.

    It would be fun to hear from others who have visited not just Lerici but the area if they have recommendations of other seaside spots that are just as beautiful and enjoyable.
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