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Thread: 7 days in Tuscany

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    Default 7 days in Tuscany

    Hi. As a couple I will be visiting Tuscany during the coming Easter and I am in the process of booking the accommodation. This is what I was planning, keeping in mind that we will not be driving.
    1. We'll be staying four days in Florence between the 25th - 28th March, giving 4 days to account for Easter time.
    2. Then I thought of moving to San Gimigniano spending 2 days there to cover Lucca and Siena more easily.
    3. From San Gimigniano we will be leaving for Pisa to spend the day there before taking the flight back home from Pisa airport.

    We would have liked to include Cinque Terre but we feel that it might be too much.

    I would appreciate if you tell me what you think about this itinerary. If it is more practical to stay in Florence and take day tours to the other places.
    Thanks so much for your time. Ina

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    Default my advice

    Hello, some sugestions and tips:

    Staying in San Gimignano won't make make it easier to reach Lucca. It takes less time to get there from say Florence.
    Cinque Terre is very much out of the way.

    I sugest 3 days in Florence. More than enough time to see most of it at a very relaxed pace.
    2 days in San gimignano. First day spent exploring SG itself and a short trip to Siena. Second day either rent a car for, or book a wine tour. Alternatively go with a rent car/tour visit of the nearby medieval cities.
    Spend last 2 days in Pisa. Day 1 visit Lucca. Day 2 visit Pisa itself. If you don't mind a more adventurous aproach, skip Lucca and do a day trip to CT.
    I am a private Tuscan tour operator.and event manager., specialised in wine tours, cooking classes and countryside experiences.
    For any requests, my email: tocmac.leonard@gmail.com

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    Default San Gimignano


    Leonardo is right, San Gimignano won't make it easier to visit Lucca. Lucca and Pisa are good for one day combined - and be sure to get your tickets for the tower in Pisa in advance so you can skip the lines.

    Just as an FYI, the day after Easter is also a holiday in Italy (Pasquetta). With all the fun and activities in this period I think 4 days maybe just what you need in Florence or 3 and a half and then you can take the long and panoramic drive to San Gimignano. This quick itinerary can help you plan better: http://www.visitflorence.com/itinera...-florence.html

    2 days in San Gimignano can allow for one day for wine and the countryside and then another day dedicated to Siena.

    CT is a bit of a drive...but do-able if you combine Lucca and Pisa in one day.

    Villa Alba in San Gimignano is a nice little B&B: http://www.tuscanyaccommodation.com/villa-alba.html

    I have also stayed at Leon Bianco in the city center of San Gimignano and enjoyed the service and the view.

    Buon Viaggio,


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    Default 7 days in Tuscany

    Many thanks for your feedback. Very much appreciated. I am pleased to notice that more or less I am in line with your views. I know about Pasquetta which is why I will be using that day to travel to SG. We will be depending on the trains / buses accordingly and most probably take a wine tour or go to a nearby winery if we decide to set off on our own. Incidently I have booked Leon Bianco. Thank you so much about the tickets tip. I still need to work around that as most probably we will be lugging our suitcases as well, but that is something we will decide on.

    One thing I am still not sure I will include is CT. Yes it looks much out of the way and it might not be worth visiting it this time round.

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    Default Leon Bianco in SM


    I hope you enjoy it - I have great memories of being in the city center. We had a room that looked over the square...and we had our own private little happy hour in the hot tub (WONDEFUL!)

    Have fun!!

    Donna Denise

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    CT is beautiful, but I also think it would be best to give it the time it deserved on another future trip
    Where to stay in Tuscany? Read this if you will have a car and this if you won't!
    When is the best time to visit? Make sure to read this!

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