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    Default Visit a nursery selling fig plants / Visiting a fig farm


    I am Noor. Early September, my family and I will be in Italy, most probably in Bologna. But would love to visit a nursery selling fig plants or maybe visit a fig farm nearby. Would appreciate some pointers.

    Thank you for any suggestions.


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    Default Figs in Tuscany


    One of the areas in Tuscany that is famous for the fig production - especially their dried figs - is Carmignano, located only a short distance from Florence, near Prato about two hours outside of Bologna in a beautiful area. Go to this website, it is in Italian, but I think if you write them an email they will respond in English.

    Buon Viaggio,
    Donna Denise

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    Default Thank you

    Thanks Donna. Will do I am so looking forward to visit Italy.

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