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Thread: I'm looking for a B & B near Pisa

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    Default I'm looking for a B & B near Pisa

    I'm looking for a B & B near Pisa, I found this? B&B Pisa - Bed and Breakfast Pisa economici know him? is good?

    I am also a wine lover and I was wondering where he deserved to go, but I found this Visita gratis le cantine not understand Italian, and I'm not sure if the visit is free.

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    Ciao Fabio,
    you know it's really easy these days, with Google and domain whois info, to find out that you work at a web agency that works for both those websites, that the B&B probably belongs to your family and that you do understand Italian

    Next time that you want to promote your website please consider sharing some real info about Pisa or about wine tours, and after several real posts you are allowed to have a signature where you can put a link to one of your websites. Check out the forum rules , especially the part about self-promotion.

    Hope to see you again on the forum with some tips for our visitors, a presto

    By the way, here is a list of accommodations in and near Pisa
    Tuscany Agriturismo and Hotels, selected and reviewed by our team on TuscanyAccommodation.com

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