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Thread: Long-term Accommodation from Grosseto to Siena

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    Default Long-term Accommodation from Grosseto to Siena

    I will be arriving in Italy to study the language for 3 months from mid August. My language school is in Siena but the accommodation they offered, while it is very nice and right in the city centre, is very expensive. I'd like longterm accommodation somewhere on the train line between Grosseto and Siena - I don't mind the commute - could someone tell me what towns the train stops at on the way, I haven't been able to locate a comprehensive rail map.
    Any suggestions for accommodation or real estate agents or towns is very welcome - I just don't know where to start!

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    Default regional trains can mean slow commutes... maybe Siena outskirts?

    Ciao Ali,

    While I understand that the center of Siena will be expensive for a 3 month stay, I'd highly recommend checking out something on the outskirts of the city where most of the residents live before heading out of town. First, because Tuscany is highly "touristic" and many rentals are for very short term stays and thus tend to not be convenient at all for longer stays. Second, because while the distance isn't far, if you're going to depend on trains, you have to see that service is offered at times that make it possible for you to commute for your classes. You don't want to be out here and then not be able to make it in time!

    So you can start by looking at trains: I went to www.trenitalia.com and plugged in Siena and Grosseto as my two cities just to see what popped up. The regional trains show the stops along the way so you can see that trains stop (leaving Siena) in Monteroni d'Arbia, Buonconvento, Murlo and Civitella-Paganico.... this is as far as I'd recommend heading out of Siena since train rides from Civitella to Siena are an hour long, not sure you want a commute even that long. If you then search for trains between each of these towns to Siena, you can see that there aren't that many throughout the day: will this fit into your class schedule, making it possible for you to really commute?

    If not, then I'd go with staying in Siena where all you'll need to do is catch a bus to your school. And for that I think a real estate agent might come in handy, as well as searching for accommodation for students. You don't say where you're studying so not sure if you already know this... the
    Universita' degli Stranieri (University for Foreigners) in Siena has these as suggestions for its students:
    http://www.unistrasi.it/public/artic...la_il_pino.jpg (monthly cost goes down if you have roommates - basically farmhouses used as dorms for students)
    And for private accommodation, they have an agency they work with called "Vacanze Senesi" which you can contact for more info - their contact info is: Piazza del Campo n. 56, incoming@terresiena.it, tel. +39 0577 280551.

    Ok this is just to help you get started on thinking of some various options, let me know what you think!!!
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