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Thread: long term accommodation in Tuscany near Florence

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    Default long term accommodation in Tuscany near Florence

    Hi there,

    Forgive me I'm a little technologically challenged and this is my first ever forum so not sure if this is the correct way to go about asking a question.

    Our family of 4 will be moving to Italy for a year next January and are trying to find accommodation to the west of Florence and no more than 20 - 30mins drive. Ideally we are looking for a self contained farm house or villa and not fussed if the owners live on the property or if it's part of a larger property. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks.

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    Default longer terms rentals are better found through agencies

    Ciao Laura,

    Your best bet is to go through a local agency that specializes in longer term accommodation rather than the short term, tourist visit that lasts only a few days to a week. Rates of the rentals will vary greatly!!

    So I suggest you contact both of these agencies - both offer longer term options NOT listed on the websites, so contact them to get more info and rates.

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