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    I am taking my husband away for his birthday. 3 nights in Florence and 1 night in Pisa. I have Florence all organised but I am having trouble finding a nice hotel in a great location in Pisa (as we won't have a car). As this is a special birthday I want to make this trip very special so would like quite a luxurious hotel near the tower and near some very good restaurants. Any advice on both accommodation and restaurants would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Ciao Mandy Moo,

    Sounds like a great birthday celebration is coming up!!

    I've got the perfect recommendations for you for restaurant and hotel -

    we ate a fabulous lunch at this place a little south of Piazza dei Cavalieri, I recommend it to anyone who goes to Pisa and has the time:
    if lunch was good, I expect dinner will be even better. I have to go back soon!

    And as far as hotel, this is the ONE I'd recommend - very central and just minutes from the tower: Hotel Orologio

    To give you a few more options, there is also the Grand Hotel Duomo but it is a bit to the side of the center, but Pisa is really small so everything is within walking distance... and the Grand Bonanno.

    Here's a full list of hotels in Pisa, if you want to take a more general look.

    If you can't decide or are looking for something else, do let me know and I'll try to help! In the meantime, happy birthday to your husband!
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