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Thread: Accommodation base near Poggibonsi for 7 days in Tuscany?

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    Default Accommodation base near Poggibonsi for 7 days in Tuscany?

    Hello all. In late May, my wife and I will spend 10 days in Rome, Venice and Florence, then 7 days doing day trips in the Tuscan countryside. From what we want to see I think a farmhouse base near Poggibonsi would work best.But I am looking for some unique accomodation features that aren't readily disernable from online listings.

    My wife loves to cook, so is looking forward to doing some cooking while there. She is looking for a decent kitchen, hopefully with an oven (more than a 2 burner hot plate). Before you suggest we rent our own Villa, we would like it to be a true B&B, with a decent breakfast served each day.

    We're looking for an upscale property, but we love the rustic stone look. We don't want all plaster walls like we were at home in North America. We'd also like a good sized property with a shared pool and a restaurant.

    Can anyone suggest accommodations that might meet as many of the items on our "wish list" as possible?

    Cheers, Bob

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    Ciao Bob and welcome to the forum!

    It sounds like you know what you're looking for - which is great!
    Reading what you're looking for, these are the ones that come into mind:

    Some have the restaurant, others don't.... many that offer apartment with kitchen generally don't offer breakfast as well, but if they have the restaurant it is possible that they will be able to accommodate requests for breakfasts as well. These are listings with direct contact to the owners, so I recommend you go ahead and contact the ones that catch your eye the most and ask - often times they don't think to write about certain services they'd be perfectly capable and willing to offer if they knew people are looking for them.
    The very last one on the list above does offer both rooms and apartments so am pretty sure they do offer breakfast for apartments as well! I am sure you'll find one of these that matches what you're looking for, let us know what you find and if you need any additional suggestions!
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