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    Default villa help

    We are planning a trip to Tuscany next summer to celebrate our 35th anny and are taking our 2 adult kids and significant others. We want to have a centrally located place - but want to enjoy the countryside and vineyards too. After a lot of research, I have come up with these villas- Paola near Radda, La Commenda-also north of Radda, Giovanelli near Coiano castle and Sella near Certaldo. Does anyone have any input on any of these? As far as location, scenery, etc. Am I even on the right track? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Default Hi Sue

    We visited Italy this month and we stayed in San Fabiano, we had a very pleasant time in the villa and the view is remarkable

    we wish you best luck finding the right villa for you

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    Ciao Sue,

    Sounds like it will be a great trip for the entire family! The area you have identified is great, between Radda and Certaldo. But really the entire area is really central, so even if you're a bit further down you are still very close to everything to do day trips.

    I don't know any of the ones you've listed, but as I looked for them kept finding them only through agencies. If you can, try to get direct contact with the owners to get better rates and service. Since the villa market is so sought after, agencies try to get in the middle and thus charge huge commissions - to you and the owner. So I've got a few to suggest that offer direct contact, so you can get in touch directly and get the best package!

    The most perfect one for your group would be Vianci - it is outside of Staggia and that area is simply breathtaking. From the castle in Staggia, to the nearby hilltop castle in Monteriggioni to the incredible drive in wine country from there to Castellina in Chianti:

    A little or much more luxurious is the villa at this estate (it is where Julia Roberts stayed in a few years ago ):

    A little further south but less than 30 minutes from Siena in the gorgeous Crete Senesi:

    More central in Chianti, this one offers private villas on the large estate:
    while this one is a huge private villa, not sure if it is too large for your group - but definitely would make for a very special holiday:

    I am sure you'll find the right one for you and your family, there really are many to choose from and the best thing is to start getting in touch and seeing availability for your specific dates - all of the above are really central, so I feel comfortable in suggesting them all for you. If you want more help, let us know!
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