I am preparing a two weeks trip to Tuscany this summer. We are a couple with two daughters, 5 and 7 years old. We travel with our car from Spain by ferry and we have two weeks, from 30 June to 14 July. I have found a lot of information on farmhouses and vacation homes but there are thousands and I’m made a mess.
I would like to divide the trip in two weeks, one to visit the north and another to visit the south, for example, but I accept any other suggestions, of course. I would be grateful if you would advise me on which two areas focus on for accommodation. We are looking for something rural, with swimming pool and that offer homemade breakfast as well as possibility to have lunch or dinner someday. As we are travelling with children we would like to do days trip to visits cities and towns and also spend some days doing nothing in the swimming pool.
Many thanks for your help.