good day
i would like to ask your help to find ( names ) accommodation in florence as i got lost and dont now what to do , possible also outside the city center for the following our needs:

we are in total 9 people
2 families . one of 4 people and one of 3 people
we have 2 kids in our mini group : one 13 and one 7

coming from venice to florence on 28 aug monday for 2 nights till the 30 aug

the main purpose is to explore florence and only if we will have a time on second day go may be to san gimignano or sienna but may be not

we thinking that may be the most convinience solution is to find hotel/ residenze villa or e.t.c ( not apartment of some one inside the regular living building it is not for us ) that will have parking , and air condition of cause , and must have good connection with public transport to city center of florence

the second option ( please tell me what option sound to you more comfortable )
is to take the accommodation in city center , come with car to the hotel with luggage and people and go outside the city center to park for 2 days 48 hours at any parking space , lot or any free parking garage or i don't know where
in this case i have question : where to park the car for 2 days , is it any free parking space recommended , if not free how much cost the lot for 24 hours? , is it safe to leave the car for 2 days .

for what option you would go?

waiting to hear from the experts
have a nice weekend