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Thread: Greg Wyatt's Two Rivers in Florence

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    Default Greg Wyatt's Two Rivers in Florence

    For two weeks now, standing in the shadow of the imposing Palazzo Vecchio in Florence near Neptune's Fountain and the monument to Cosimo I, visitors have been able to admire "Two Rivers". That is the title of the great bronze statue, over 4 meters tall, that New York artist Greg Wyatt created and positioned in front of the entrance of the Sala d'Arme in Palazzo della Signoria. Read full article >>
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    Default wyatt sculpture comment

    This is a really interesting problem - if this guy can have a sculpture or work of art in this piazza, who's to stop just about anyone from "donating" art for this space? The art and architecture of this space represents a range of time in history, and while it still has a function today, it seems to me that a sculpture that has a personal (the artists's two homes) rather than political or civic statement has no place here.

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