Last year i was with my mother for a few-day-trip in Tuscany and i have fallen in love. Thats why i have decided to come there again this year,probably at autumn for a longer time. I would like to volunteer,to save/earn some money and take a cooking classes if possible. BUT i cant find any classes who are longer than one week. The best combination would be to do a volunteering at maybe some farm with family willing to learn me cooking and italian language. I speak a lil bit italian and would like to improve it as well.
Does anybody have some recommendation for some good farm-stay,or friendly family,who need help,or something similar? What are the best options? Can i have some problems with working as waitress (maybe later)? I know,maybe its strange combination, volunteering+cooking classes+learning italian+all on budget,but its the only way how to stay there for one or more months...cuz i still havent won loto,or euromilions
Thank you very much for any advices