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Thread: Running events in Tuscany 12-14.05.2010

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    Default Running events in Tuscany 12-14.05.2010

    Are there any running events in Tuscany from 12 to 25 of May 2010 ?

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    Default several running events in Tuscany in late May

    Ciao Raramuri,

    Wow you're visiting and want to go running in a race as well? Good for you, definitely a different way to see and experience Tuscany!

    There are several running events taking place all over Tuscany from the 12th-25th, well actually the 22th. I didn't list the "competitive" races that require you to have the medical certificate to participate, otherwise there are also a few trail runs as well (there is a 5 day run across Elba from the 23rd, definitely counts as competitive). Extracted info about the runs from http://www.tuttopodismo.it/Lista_Gare.htm

    May 15
    08:30 - 5km / 9km / 20 km
    33a Scarpinata Migliarinese - Migliarino Pisano, Pisa
    starting location: Circolo Acli viale dei Pini 247
    for info call Vincenzo, 050-804050
    May 16
    09:30 - 10.5km
    Scarpinata del Golfo - Corri nella Maremma - Follonica, Grosetto
    for more info: info@atleticafollonica.it - tel. 0566-51072
    May 21
    15:00 - 8km
    1° Trofeo Avis - Aulla, Massa (Lunigiana)
    for info, call Bruno, 0187-420007
    May 22
    4km - 09:00
    32a Corriprimavera Laviosa - Livorno
    starting point: Impianti Sportivi via dei Pensieri
    info@livornomaratona.it - tel. Franco, 0586-886309
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