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Thread: Calcio Storico

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    Default Americans going to Calcio Storico?

    I'm working on an HBO documentary and we are looking for Americans who are going to Calcio Storico this year. Please reply if you fit the description or know anyone who does!


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    Quote Originally Posted by MandyG View Post
    Thanks for your reply Lourdes. I am getting a little worried after hours of searching yesterday, then I read that last years final was cancelled. I hope they don't cancel this years tournament also.
    I have booked a 4 day trip to Florence for my husbands 50th Birthday. It has always been a dream of his to go to this event.
    Has there been any discussion on wether it will definitely be held or not ?
    Anyway, fingers crossed I guess, and please keep me posted.
    Btw is there anything else you would highly recommend us doing on our trip there from 23-26 June ?
    Thanks Lourdes :-)
    You wouldn't happen to be traveling from American, would you? I'm working on an HBO documentary and are wanting to film Americans traveling to Calcio Storico.


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