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Thread: Easter in Tuscany 2016

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    Default Easter in Tuscany 2016

    We are visiting Rome, Tuscany and Venice in March of 2016. We are working our trip in any order to get the best festivals and experiences during Easter time.

    I can't seem to find much about Easter in Venice, I have read a lot about Easter in Rome and what looks very interesting is Easter in Florence.

    With that said - when will events calendars be put out so we can schedule and work our trip accordingly? We are interested in events in all of Tuscany as we are open to other towns.

    Also - is March a very rainy time there? I have only been during April and we had fantastic weather.

    Any ideas? Thanks so much!

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    Default Easter in 2016


    For some reason the Italians don't like to broadcast events too early ... and events for Easter 2016.... let's just say we are still figuring out what is going on for the 1st of November (an Italian holiday.) You will probably need to keep an eye out closer to the mid or end of February if you are looking for the new events in 2016.

    However, some events will never change because they are tied to the Easter such as the: Lo Scoppio del Carro or the main events in March and April

    Buon Viaggio


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