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Thread: Events to celebrate 300th anniversary on the founding of Chianti wine-making region

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    Default Events to celebrate 300th anniversary on the founding of Chianti wine-making region

    Hi everyone,
    I am trying to compile a list of events happening to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Chianti wine-making region - other than the Giro d'Italia planning a special time trial in the region, I can't find anything.
    Anyone know of any events happening to celebrate this anniversary?
    Many thanks!

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    Default Activities for the Gallo Nero


    Good Question! However, I will offer a word of advice ... for some reason the Italians don't like to broadcast their "events" until almost the last minute. So there will probably be tons of initiatives going on but you won't find them advertised until a month (week) before the event.

    I did find that they will be producing a limited edition pen together with OMAS and Gallo Nero has been awarded the right to have a postal stamp made in honor of the occassion.

    I have researched even the Italian papers and I don't see any other events potentially planned as of yet. But I really think it is too early for them to have anything out. You could try contacting their offices directly: http://www.chianticlassico.com/en/category/eventi/

    Buona Ricerca!

    Donna Denise

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