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Thread: Buses around town centre

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    Default Buses around town centre

    When we were in Florence we saw small buses that moved around the city - How can i find out about them - seemed to be a government service.

    Appreciate your help and advise.

    we are elderly and will be stopping at the Anglo American Hotel which is out of town a bit.



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    Default electric buses to move around the historical center

    Welcome to our forum, Peter!

    The small buses you saw around Florence are probably some of the electric buses which reach and move around the historical center. They are run by florentine public transportation (ATAF) and to use them you need a normal bus ticket.

    Nearby your hotel you can catch one of this small buses, the C2. You can read more information about routes and timetables of this and other ATAF buses in the official site of ATAF Buses at www.ataf.net.

    I hope this is useful!

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