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    Default Restaurant + Singer

    Hello. My name is Adrian Calitescu, i'm from Romania. On the 28th may i'm coming to Florence and i need some help.
    I would like to ask my fiancee if she marries me and my request for you is if you can look for me a restaurant and a music band or a singer who would like to sing one song for us.
    Thank you.
    Yours sincerely Adrian.
    (there is no problem if you can't help me)

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    Sorry for spam.
    I want you to say that we are not together anymore. I want to do everything possible to be together again. I want to know if anyone can deliver some flowers to an address in Florence. Please help me.

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    Default flowers delivered in florence

    Ciao Adrian!

    If you want to deliver some flowers, I suggest you to contact an international service like Interflora, which is probably one of the most well-known.
    I've also found on Internet this website Fiori.it and it seems they deliver flowers in Florence.

    I hope it's useful, girls definitely love flowers!

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