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Thread: Bus trips to coast and cortona

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    Default Bus trips to coast and cortona

    What bus would I take to the coastal towns from Florence? How much would it cost? How lond is the ride?
    Also, what bus would I take to Cortona. how far is it from Florence? How much would it cost.
    Thank you for any help you can gove me.

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    Hello Jean and welcome to the Forum!

    Which are approximately the dates of your trip?

    I also need to know which coastal town you're going to visit to better answer your first question because each area has different services.

    To reach Cortona from Florence I would suggest you to catch the train instead of the bus.
    There are many trains during the day and in about 1 hour and half you'll reach the station of Camucia, very very close to Cortona. In Camucia you can catch a bus to the historical center of Cortona and reach it in about 10 minutes.
    The train ticket costs about €9 for one way (you can see schedules and details here. http://www.fsitaliane.it/homepage_en.html ). The bus tickets should be cheap, too.

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