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Thread: Unfair Amanda Knox Verdict/Boycott Florence

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    Default Unfair Amanda Knox Verdict/Boycott Florence

    I encourage Americans to boycott Italy. This second conviction of Amanda Knox is totally unwarranted. The only explanation is either an entrenched Italian judiciary bureaucracy that won't admit it was wrong or disgusting anti-Americanism. To convict a person for murder should be based on facts, don't you agree? No eyewitness, no DNA. The true murderer, in jail for the crime, had the victim's blood and DNA all over him. Where is the motive? At the first trial, the prosecutor shamefully invents some sex game gone bad (he should have been prosecuted for that). Now the prosecutor says the motive was because the victim was messy. Are you serious? The only evidence is from a shameful confession extorted by Italian police against a young naïve American woman who was hounded for hours to agree to things she at first said were untrue. We Americans know about how reliable forced confessions of young people (see the tragic documentary The Central Park Five). Doing cartwheels, looking like she is guilty, being attractive, these are no basis for convicting someone of murder. I loved visiting Florence as the cradle of where Western Civilization began. It appears the Italian legal system has reverted to the Middle Ages. (What is this having two magistrates, paid state employees, on the jury? Are they paid to support misguided prosecutors? Why was the true murdered given only a 16-year sentence? Because it was in exchange for him implicating Knox?). I say boycott Florence and all of Italy until justice is achieved.

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    like 90 per cent of brits i think she should be extradited and put in prison for the murder of mrs kercher.
    dna was found on both the knife and the bra of amanda knox aswell as all the lies she told in the beginning of the murder.
    Why did amanda knox have an innocent man imprisoned for months on her say so, as she told everybody that patrick lamumba was the killer??? Would a normal person do this and say nothing??
    Amanda knox is guilty, the most disgusting thing is she is now making millions from you stupid yanks who fall for all her acting. SHES GUILTY AND SHOULD PAY THE PRICE!!!! as for boycotting florence boycott europe and give us all a break from all americans. you think you own the world but you dont.

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    Hello and good Monday to all of our Forum readers!

    As you all know, this forum dedicated to all things Tuscany, where we can discuss anything we want about the region, our experiences and ask for assistance from others when planning trips in Tuscany.

    We all have the right to our own opinions, and we respect that. There are many appropriate online forum where we can express our views regarding this case, the facts and trial - but this forum isn't it. So while I respect discussion, I'm closing this thread for further comments and ask everyone to seek out a different Forum on which to discuss and express their opinions. We all would appreciate keeping the right tone on this forum, which is cooperative, friendly and useful to those interested in Tuscany.

    Thank you!

    your friendly Tuscan moderator,
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