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    I will be in Florence in September. I will be staying at Palazzo Galletti on via Sant Egidio. I would like to visit the Church of St. Ambrose, however, I cannot find it on any map. Can you please give me some advice. Thanks.

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    Buongiorno from Florence! the Church of Sant'AMBROGIO is one of the hidden jems of Florence. You can find it on a maf of Florence at the intersection between VIA dei MACCI and VIA PIETRAPIANA, not far from the Sinagogue.

    The church contains numerous frescos, altarpieces, and other artwork attributed to Andrea Orcagna, Agnolo Gaddi, Niccolò Gerini, Lorenzo di Bicci, Masaccio, Filippo Lippi, Sandro Botticelli, Alesso Baldovinetti, Mino da Fiesole, Cosimo Rosselli, Fra Bartolomeo, and many other artists.
    Filippo Lippi's Incoronation of the Virgin, executed for the church's main altar in 1441-1447, is now at the Uffizi. Lft to the main altar there is a wonderful XV century fresco by Cosimo Rosselli depicting the Miracle of the Holy Sacrament. Alongside the pavement lots of marble plaques indicate the burial places of Renaissance artists like: Mino da Fiesole, Andrea Verrocchio, Simone del Pollaiolo nicknamed "il Cronaca", Brothers Del Tasso and Francesco Granacci.

    The Church is a few steps away from the colorful and very authentic S. Ambrogio food market and Piazza dei Ciompi where Florence still has an interesting flee market.

    Have a nice weekend! Elena
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