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Thread: Walking from SMN Station to hotel at night?

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    Question Walking from SMN Station to hotel at night?

    Hello to everyone here, buongiorno,

    I have a couple of technical questions about getting into Florence!!

    My husband and I are visiting Florence in September this year, and we are arriving into Florence airport at 20.25, and I see that the Volainbus schedule changes at 20.30 to hourly, so I think we will miss the last half hourly bus, and will probably have to wait until 21.30 to catch the bus to Florence. I guess my question is do we wait for the bus, or is there another method of getting into Florence? Is taxi a safe way to travel? I don't want to be hanging around waiting at the airport for the bus, as we will probably be tired and want to get to our hotel ASAP. This sort of leads on to the second part of my question...

    If we do catch the bus and get into the SMN station do we then walk to our hotel, which is the Firenze Suite hotel on Via Nuova dei Caccini. I've checked it out and it is a 20min walk, and we will be carrying our luggage, and it may be around 21.30 (or even later!!) at night.

    Help!! Advice needed.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Taxi from Florence airport

    Hi Rebecca.

    I would advise you to get a taxi, especially if you have luggage. Official Florence taxis are reliable and safe; they are white and must bear the city coat of arms and display a registration number. Tariffs are fixed (23.30€ for a night ride from airport to city center).
    Taxis are stationed outside the terminal or can be called by phone. You will find all info at the Florence Amerigo Vespucci airport website in the "to/from the airport" section, including tariffs and phone numbers.

    Have a good holiday!


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    Ciao Rebecca,

    I would also recommend you just take a taxi from the airport directly to your hotel. There is the fixed charge from the taxis (all are white, just follow signs as you exit to the taxi stand) from the airport to the city center. While the center is small and your hotel isn't that far, with luggage it will seem even further so just go for it and take the taxi!
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    Grazie Lourdes and Elena for replying, and giving me your valuable advice!!!

    Much appreciated, I will get a taxi then!!

    Looking forward to it!!


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