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Thread: Abbeys with monk chanting

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    Default Abbeys with monk chanting

    Are there any Abbey's near Florence or Montespertoli that feature the monks chanting? I found some south of Siena but we are staying in Montespertoli and don't want to drive that far.

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    As far as I know, you have to look for active monasteries to find the monks.... so the bigs ones still active are south of Siena (Sant'Antimo, Monte Oliveto), in the Casentino valley (at La Verna and Camaldoli) and in Florence, where I know they do Gregorian chants, is at the church of San Miniato.

    Outside of Florence, the nuns at the Abbey of Santa Maria in Rosano also do mass in Gregorian chant and one that might be interesting to visit is the Abbey at Vallombrosa (http://www.monaci.org/english-info/) - both are to the east of Florence.

    The convent at Montesenario is another interesting place to visit but as far as a I can tell, the monks there don't do chanting during masses.

    If you're already in Montespertoli - ask where you're staying at.... they might know of other abbeys in the area that are still active and thus from there find out if they have vespers or some masses with chanting.
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