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Thread: Suggestions for 2 weeks in Italy?

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    Default Suggestions for 2 weeks in Italy?

    Hello! My friend and I will be starting a trip to Italy on October 2 until October 14. We are two college-graduates looking for unique, local experiences.

    I will be leaving Nice on Oct 2 morning and was planning to go to Cinque Terre but might change it now that it might be raining!! We have eurail and can do 4 more days of train traveling (for example, Nice to Cinque Terre counts as 1 day). Do you have suggestions for an itinerary? We will be departing from Venice on October 14. Thank you!

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    I really hope it won't rain again...it has been raining a lot here over the past few weeks, and we would like to enjoy some sunny days now!
    Cinque Terre is a marvellous destination and if you're lucky October is a wonderful period, since you may enjoy nice sunny days without the hot temperatures typical of Summer time...and places will surely be less crowded than in high season.
    If you are interested then in moving to Tuscany, here is a 7 days itinerary for you to discover the most beautiful locations of our region:
    This is an itinerary suggestion for 7 days in Tuscany.

    You could also indulge a bit more in visiting those places you like the most or the Etruscan town of Fiesole, for example.
    If you'll be completely training your itinerary and have no intention to rent a car, you could head to the most important cities by train and take advantage of guided and organized tours for exploring the Chianti and the Valdorcia area, that aren't so easily reachable by train.
    I don't know if you're interested in heading also towards Rome, the capital of Italy: if you follow the above mentioned itinerary, from Cortona it takes you about two hour - by train.
    Then, from Rome back to Venice, where you should spend at least another day.

    Hope it may help in planning your stay in Italy:-)


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