I can't thank you enough for your assistance, Lourdes. I really appreciate you making that call. I had emailed them last week, but hadn't heard back. It's difficult for me to call them when I work during the day and then taking into account the time change.

This makes me feel a lot better about arriving next week!

Much appreciated!!

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Ciao again,

I just called Firenze Parcheggi to ask about the procedure for the weekly pass.

I was told that you go into the parking lot with your car so that you get the ticket at the entrance.... then wait at least 10-15 min from the time stamp on the ticket to go to the automatic payment machine near the exit. You will be able to select the weekly pass from the options there.
No need to fill out a form nor go to the main office in Pza Liberta' to pick up the pass.

If for some reason you have problems while trying to buy the pass, there is a way to call their customer service directly from the machine (or near it, something like an SOS phone) and they'll walk you through the procedure.

Sounds easy right? Let's hope it turns out to be so!!