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Thread: Firenze card with child of 9 non European

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    Default Firenze card with child of 9 non European

    I'm going with my wife and a child of 9 in june and we´re thinking of buying the Firenze Card for me and my wife, not for the child as most of atractions are free for him.

    For the Academia and Uffizi what are the procedures? I've heard that I've to pay the reservation for him to enter with us, is it correct?


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    Yes, just for the Uffizi and Accademia they request that non-EU children under 18 with parents who buy the Firenze Card pass by and pay the "skip the line" option to go in with parents too. Ticket is free so you just pay for the possibility for them to enter with you. Just these two as they are the ones with big lines, all others they can go with you.
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