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Thread: Via Giulia, Rome/Comparable location in Florence?

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    Default Via Giulia, Rome/Comparable location in Florence?

    We love everything about Rome's Via Giulia and are looking for a comparable location in Florence--quiet, beautiful, ancient, upscale, centrally located for walking tours. Any recommendations from someone familiar with this famous Roman street? Thank you!

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    Default Via Giulia

    My husband and I stayed at the St. George Hotel when we were in Rome last year. When we were in Florence we found a wonderful apartment for the two of us on Via Ghibellina between (Via delle Conce & Via delle Casine) through VRBO for about 80 euros a night.

    I found Florence more walk-able than Rome. You also may want to look at the accommodations on this website and goggle map there locations & check to see what the reviews say about the place. The inner core of Florence is a pedestrian core so you might be able to find a just the place you would like near the core to be free of traffic noise.

    Are you interested in a hotel, b & b or an apartment?

    Hope this info helps..

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