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Thread: FLorence parking at Parcheggi train station or Nenni - Torregalli

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    Default Florence parking at Park and Ride train station or Nenni - Torregalli

    I plan to drop off my Family at the Apartment with our luggage for the check-in and then drive to the Nenni - Torregalli, Shopping Center and park there and leave the car for 4 days.

    Do you think that is a safe idea?
    Do cars ever get towed or robbed there ?

    Is a train station Park and Ride a more secure option?
    Are train station Park and Ride open 24 h and is it safer?
    What park and ride places are available?
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    I would recommend a parking garage where there will be other cars overnight, would consider it as safer and not stand out. That lot there is a supermarket/mall center and maybe for a night would be super fine... but more I think it would be noticeable. I would suggest the paid parking lot in front of the Sansovino tram stop - http://www.visitflorence.com/florenc...-florence.html
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