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    Default Bus Florence

    Excellent the web.
    We are from Argentina and travel to Florence in October and we will be 8 days
    The Firenze Card is convenient?
    Does some card exist for the public transport per day?
    90 minutes that it lasts is ticket from the moment of the validation or of the purchase?
    Several ticket can be bought and go using them in the later days?
    Thank you.

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    Default Buses in Florence


    the first thing is I suggest that you have a look at this link to see get an idea about the card

    My next consideration is, are you both good walkers? Because the historic area is really not that big and if you both don't mind the walk, and it is comfortable for you both to walk then I would say you won't be using the buses all that often. You will miss half of the fun exploring new vias and piazzas if you always are taking the bus! :-)

    In any case, the tickets do last 90 minutes and there are options to buy more than one ticket at a time in order to always have one handy. I always keep a 4-way ticket in my wallet because you never know however, I normally use it to take me from the center to the outskirts of town...where it really is a bit too far to walk. When I am in the center I stroll from one area to the next !!

    A presto,

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    Default Bus to Florence from San Casciano

    If we want to drive cars from our Villa to San Casciano, park and then take ATAF bus to Florence, how often do they run? Can we find a place to park in San Casciano? Do you know.

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    Default Buses from San Casciano

    Hello -

    you are going to be taking the bus 370A from San Casciano to Florence - and here is a link to the time schedule: http://www.acvbus.it/orari/368-370.pdf

    The bus runs pretty regularly.


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    San Casciano is still too far out of Florence for the ATAF buses to reach.
    There is parking there and you can take another bus to Florence.

    Otherwise, you could drive to Florence to either the Firenze-Impruneta exit and park there (there is a lot to the left after the roundabout as you head toward Florence or in GALLUZZO - from both places you can pick up ATAF bus 36 to head to SMN.
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