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Thread: Florence on first Sunday on November

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    My husband and I will reach Florence on 1st November (around 9 in morning) which is first Sunday of the month and all Saints day. We will also be in Florence on 3rd November, so we have 2 days to visit the city. (On 2nd we plan to take a tour of Tuscany)

    Since this is our first time, we mainly want to visit the touristry places. Some of the places we want to visit in the 2 days are - the Academia (to see David), Uffizi, Palazzo vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, Duomo, Santa Croce, Palazza Michelangelo, Ponte Vechio, San Lorenzo and if time permits Baboli gardens and Pitti palace.

    Since 1st November is first Sunday, most of the museums/galleries wil be free and also crowded. Which of the above places should we target for Sunday considering the crowd, and which places should we do on the other day by purchasing passes? Being November, will Uffizi and Academia still be very crowded?

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    I hope this helps you plan a little bit more:

    If these places are important for you to see then I would prebook both the Academia (to see David) and the Uffizi: http://www.uffizi.org/

    Palazzo vecchio (great museum!) will probaly have a line on Sunday, but I would try to plan this one on Sunday.

    Piazza della Signoria, Palazza Michelangelo,Ponte Vechio, have no line so there is no problem with these places...and they are open all the time.

    These will have mass going on on Sunday....so you will be limited on your timing.
    Duomo - Tuesday
    Santa Croce - Tuesday
    San Lorenzo - Tuesday

    and if time permits Baboli gardens and Pitti palace - this is probably the easiest place to get into on Sunday.

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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