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Thread: A couple of questions about Firenze & day trips from Firenze

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    Default A couple of questions about Firenze & day trips from Firenze

    Hi all,

    We are planning our weekly trip to Toscana (our base will be Firenze) and have a couple of questions, so I hope you guys will be patient enough to answer them.

    1.) SAFETY - I know that Firenze is generally safe, but I also read some stuff about Santa Maria Novella station/Piazza Santa Maria Novella (around the church) being a bit... seedy at times. Any other areas that might be avoided? How is the Campo di Marte, San Marco, Oltrarno, Michelangelo...?

    2.) TRAIN STATIONS - Santa Maria Novella station being said as the place to attract pickpockets, is it any different at the Campo di Marte station? Also, do all the trains stop at both stations (for example when arriving from Bologna, when doing day trips to Siena etc.)?

    3.) DAY TRIP TO SAN GIMIGNANO - We want to do the daily trip to San Gimignano by bus (found the best way to do it is with the bus 130, change in Poggibonsi). I browsed the http://www.tiemmespa.it, but couldn't find line 130 - there are 130A and 130R, but none of the timetables indicates that the bus is stopping in Firenze. So, basically we want to leave Firenze in one of the weekdays at about 8AM, head to San Gimignano to spend the day there and go back to Firenze at about 5PM or so. If anyone could give me more info, I would be VERY grateful.

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    Default Florence


    The train station at Sant Maria Novella (SMN) is in a busy area (it is busy almost all day long), and like any where in the world where there is confusion there are those who take advantage of it. As per the other areas in Florence, I live here and walk around everywhere with no problem. Take care to not flash your money or cards, be alert and try to always stay on trafficed and well lite roads...but I believe this advise is valid anywhere you go!

    The trains are divided, some will stop in SMN and some will stop in Campo di Marte (some will do both) however, when you are looking at the train schedule it will tell you if the train stops anywhere other than SMN.

    Have a look at this link which should give you more info on the buses for San Gimignano. http://www.discovertuscany.com/san-g...gimignano.html

    Buon Viaggio

    Donna Denise

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    The shcedules you found are those you need -
    A = andata - going there
    R = ritorno - coming back
    so it is just signaling the two directions

    All of the buses end/start in Florence, so it should be at the top or bottom of the columns.

    Let us know if you need more help in sorting them out ;-) they aren't easy to figure out, I know.
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