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Thread: Driving Florence to San Gimignano & Volterra

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    Smile Driving Florence to San Gimignano & Volterra

    Hi All

    My wife and I will be in Italy in mid April for the first time. We have organized to hire a car in Florence and are picking up the car from Hertz Borgo Ognissanti and then making our way down to San Gimignano and then onto Volterra before driving to Siena were we will be staying for a week. At the end of our trip we will returning the hire car to Siena and then catching the Bus onto Rome.

    I have read about the ZTL zones in Florence and intend to stay away from them. What i am having difficulty in finding is the correct route on getting from Hertz Borgo Ognissanti onto the Viale Francesco Petrarca Autostrada.

    Going by google maps they advise me to go either down Via Il Prato or down Via Curtatone and accross the bridge on Ponte A. Vespucci.

    If anyone has any advice would be appreciated.


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    Default Renting a Car


    Rest assured that they will give you a map and specific instructions on what are the best roads to take once you pick up the car!

    However - I am little unsure why you want to go to Viale Francesco Petrarca Autostrada when to go to San Gimignano you could put in

    Via Cassia, 49B, 50023 Impruneta FI

    and then follow the Florence - Siena to San Gimignano...this is the route I always use, there are no tolls and the road flows nicely with limited traffic.

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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    Just follow the way indicated by Google Maps here: https://goo.gl/maps/NR8YdM4Er942
    since it will get you to Viale Petrarca (the street that goes to Porta Romana).

    Double check at the car rental counter right before you leave - you should not have problems leaving the ZTL area as the car is already in at their business. You just don't want to accidentally go back in and out of it as you're trying to leave the city. If you follow the route exactly as mapped on Google above, I see all streets that are not in the ZTL (for example, if you went straight along the Arno instead of turning on the Vespucci bridge you would go into the ZTL - so you most definitely want to turn right onto the bridge).

    The route taking you on Via Curtatone is shortest, you can take Via il Prato but since there are many one way streets, you'd have a very much longer route to take back going back toward Porta Romana. So definitely follow Via Curtatone.

    Hertz also has a car rental office along the tram outside of the ZTL - you can take the tram to right in front of it. Just thought I'd mention it as another option, to try to avoid being too close to the ZTL streets.
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