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Thread: Attending Saturday evening Mass in Florence

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    Default Attending Saturday evening Mass in Florence

    We would like to attend a Saturday evening Mass, preferably in English, in Florence and understand there is one at the Duomo. Does one enter by a separate door from tourists or how does this work? Do any of the churches in Ultrarno have Saturday evening Masses in English?

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    Yes, there is a separate door for worship. It is located on the southern side of the cathedral - basically on the side of the bell tower, keep walking toward the smaller domes. It is the second door on that side - the first is the exit from the cathedral.

    No other have services in English, that I know of.

    The two main churches that cater to the English-speaking community have services on Sundays:
    there is St. Marks, the Anglican Church - http://stmarksitaly.com/
    and St. James, the American Episcopalian Church - http://stjames.it/
    St. Marks also has services during the week, but not on Saturdays.
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