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Thread: Short trip to Florence --questions

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    Default Free for over 65's

    Quote Originally Posted by Bleu View Post
    Sorry I haven't checked in in a while. Thank you both, ladies, for your answers.

    Do you know, for an EU citizen over 65, is the entrance free / reduced? It didn't seem that wat for the Duomo, is it for any other museums? Medici Chappels, maybe?
    Yes, almost all state run museums and galleries are free if you bring your ID showing your age.

    As a general rule in Italy (and I may be making no friends with this) don't try too hard to do things the cheapest way or save wherever possible. For example, if you were to try an enter the Uffizi on the free-entry day it will be chaotic. If you use the regionale trains instead of the Frecciarossa you will save a few euros but it will take twice as long. If you use the Superstrada (free) road when there is an equivalent Autostrada (toll) road it will be slower, more congested and less well maintained. When people have spent so much money to come here it makes very little sense to try and save a few euros. I don't mean to imply that any of this applies to you.

    Carry you ID with you each day you are travelling and show it whenever you are purchasing tickets. Both the government and private companies are often very considerate to those over 65 and may offer discounts.

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    Ciao Bleu,

    While I agree with what Alice says about carrying your ID card/passport and showing it just in case, I do have to contradict the part about state museums being free to over 65s..... There are NO reductions for any over 65s at any State museums in Italy!

    Please note this carefully as older written guide books and sites might not have updated info: over 65 were allowed free entrance up until July 2014, then there was ministerial Italy-wide reform and this was abolished. It its place, the free first Sundays of the month were started where everyone can visit the state museums and sites for free on every first Sunday.
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