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Thread: We have Firenzi Card- Tours all offer "skip the line", but seems like we already do?

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    Default We have Firenzi Card- Tours all offer "skip the line", but seems like we already do?

    My wife and I already have the Firenze Card. All of the tours offer "Skip the line" tours. We already have that, so do you think there would be tours that take that into account, and discount the price? I looked in the FAQ and searched, but didn't see an answer.

    Thank you

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    Default Skip the line


    I m not aware of any tours that recognize the Firenze Card and offer extra benefits or reductions in price.

    The Firenze Card is managed/sold by the government while the tours are private, unfortunately there is not an excessive amount of coordination between the two.

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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    The only way for you to see whether a tour operator will recognize a discount for the price of the ticket that you don't need is to contact them directly -- do a search for them here in Florence, there are many! and contact them to see what they say. In case they will do it, then you can book directly.
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