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Thread: Booking Duomo Cupola Climb with the Firenze Card

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    Default Booking Duomo Cupola Climb with the Firenze Card

    Hello all--

    We will be in Florence for several days in mid-June 2017. We plan to purchase the Firenze Card, but I am still not quite clear on how to schedule a booking time to climb. I understand to go by the office to book a time for later that day with pass in hand, but does just having the Firenze Card assure us that we would be able to secure a booking time for the same day? If it is possible that it could get too busy that particular day, I am open to purchasing the regular timed ticket to make sure we get a time to climb prior to arriving if that's the only way to get a solid answer, just don't want to spend the extra if not necessary.

    Secondly, we will have the Firenze Card for both adults, but will have a 17 year old with us carrying an American passport. Will we need to do anything different for him to climb, or will he be admitted with us if we schedule a time as Firenze Card holders?

    Have to just say, thanks so much for this blog and site...have learned so much and Lourdes has been incredibly helpful in our planning!

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    Booking for the Cupola is a recent change. Firenze Card holders don't get a ticket for the Opera del Duomo monuments UNTIL you are here, so you cannot book ahead of time. Having said that, all you need to do is pick up the Firenze Card and then go by the Opera del Duomo office across from the Baptistery and pick up the pass as well as book your climb up -- since everyone who doesn't buy a ticket ahead of time (majority of visitors to the city) have to do the same, you have a very good chance of booking a time for that same day later - or at most, the day after. I would not recommend getting a separate Opera del Duomo card -- unless you want to do that AND at that point just book separately the museums you are interested in (such as Uffizi or Accademia). Most other museums you really don't need the priority access..... so it would make sense to skip the Firenze Card and get the separate tickets at that point.

    As far as the 17 year old: is he part of the same family unit? Because the Firenze Card explicitly says that under 18 children of the same family are covered by their parents, if both parents buy the Firenze Card and are non-EU citizens. But since you don't mention him as your son and he is not a family member, you might have to buy separate entry tickets for him where they tickets are not free. All state museums are free entry to under 18 and many others are at reduced rates. So if you end up not getting the Firenze Cards for yourselves, then just get him a prebooked "free" ticket for him at the Uffizi and Accademia at the same time you book for yourselves - and for all the rest, just wait and get tickets once you're here.
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