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    I will be at Montecatini from 1-7 Feb 2018. We are planning to come to Florence two successive days (our hotel is part of the package, so we'll return after day one] Are there days that are better than others for visiting? Are Firenze cards, or any other quick access passes worth it so far off season? I am partially mobility impaired (partly amputated foot) but still want to try to get in as much as possible. Are there interesting things to see off the beaten path -- I don't want to be one of dozens of tourists who don't speak Italian in the same locale
    That question applies to restaurants too, good places that the locals would recommend. How about place to find souvenirs that aren't tourist traps. Are taxis easily obtainable? We want to make the experience as authentically Italian as possible.
    Some similar questions for Pisa, too
    Thank you -- I hope this wasn't too needy

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    For early February, I would recommend not getting the Firenze Card as I think you don't want to try to jam as much as possible into just 72 hours and instead spread out what you see. Using Montecatini as a base, you can return to Florence on two non-consecutive days. Take day trips from there -- have you seen our article on the day trips you can take from Montecatini?
    Make sure to check it out: https://www.discovertuscany.com/mont...ntecatini.html

    Are you certified as being partially disabled? If you are, you can use your ID to get free into many museums -- with priority access without needing to book any tickets ahead of time. An accompanying person can get into the museum with you for free as well.

    February is a great month of the "low" season precisely because there are less people around in general -- but everything is still open. Locals enjoy the quieter months for sure ;-).
    Carnival does take place in February if you do want to join in on festivities -- that's where you'll find a lot of people. You can check out what events are common in February here: http://www.discovertuscany.com/tusca...ry-events.html
    We'll update the page with precise dates in January as nothing is officially confirmed until we are much closer to the dates, but it gives you an idea of what takes place.
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