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Thread: Easter 2018/Scoppio del Carro

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    On your previous reply to someone, you were unsure if some of the museums are open on Easter. So you do think that most will be open and maybe free? So I should not look to get tickets on line before? Also, do you think it is best to get tickets before to get into Accademy and Uffizi? or do a tour to get in faster? I only have 2 full days there and a 3rd we are doing a tour to Tuscanny(Siena, Pisa and a vineyard). Very excited

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    Terry -

    As far as the churches, all the churches continue to give masses, even the historic ones. The cathedral/Duomo gets super crowded on Easter Sunday because of the Scoppio del Carro... it would be an interesting experience to go there for mass and be inside the church (were you planning to see the scoppio outside? you would miss it this way) when the "dove" is lit at the altar and it makes its way to the outside to hit the cart.

    Otherwise, I would suggest SS. Annunziata or Santa Maria Novella - you can see times for mass services here for all of them:
    Duomo: http://www.duomofirenze.it/gg/attivita/liturgical.htm
    Santa Maria Novella: https://www.smn.it/en/liturgia/
    SS Annunziata: http://www.pmap.it/parrocchiemap/con...p?icsc=2550016

    As far as museums, I still have not seen official confirmation that Uffizi or Accademia will be free or not... YES, they are always open on Easter Sunday (not confirmed but likely will also be open on Easter Monday) but the fact that you cannot book tickets for that day is a sign that they will likely be FREE. It means you CANNOT book tickets for that day and will need to be in line to get inside. With crowds being what they are on that day, you can walk around and check them out -- if the lines are not crazy, get in line to go in. What is the other day you are in Florence, Saturday or Monday? If you can, book a ticket for one of the other days and avoid a bit of the crowds. I am not sure whether tours will run on Easter Sunday, see what you find available. It could be one way to go around the large line and give over the problem with entry to the tour agency.
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