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Thread: Moving to Florence - renting question

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    so I will hopefully be moving to Tuscany this September for work. Very excited about the move and all, but am having some concerns about my budget for accommodation...

    I've worked out after tax I will be left with roughly 900 euros/month. My question is: will this be enough for renting anywhere/living on? From what I can gather online, 1 bedroom places are either >600, or 1000+.

    Just trying to gather an idea of whether this wage is liveable on.

    Thank you in advance for the help. Very grateful!

    - Dwayn

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    It varies a LOT! It really depends on what you want and where. To be completely honest, Florence is an expensive city to live in -- but as soon as you leave the area, that same budget can get you much more than what you can find in the city.

    You should search on
    as both are the major sites for properties (they include rentals as well as buying). It will give you a chance to see the variations between staying in town and outside.

    Many commute in to Florence, by train is always preferable. Depending on your work, where you need to go, you might want to consider whether a train commute is in better - or not. Let us know if we can answer any other questions you get as you start the search or if you want some help in looking. You said a one bedroom place, but for how long? Would you consider sharing apartments? Florence welcomes thousands of students every year so there are also sites and ways to share apartments, too.

    Also consider that if you don't find anything on your own, you can go through an agency that will help find it as well as being a guarantee you won't be conned. Can your work place help you in the search?
    Also remain flexible -- if you don't find anything that you really like before Sept, you should consider a shorter term rental for the first month or two and keep looking - once you're here, you see the areas and decide what you like more, it will be easier to go see places and decide instead of rushing into something you don't like.

    Good luck with your search!
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