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    Hello! I have been emailing various tour companies in Florence for weeks and no one will contact me back with information I need to choose the right tickets and other information. It is our first time in Florence and the Tuscany Region. We are arriving in Italy (Venice) on June 26 and will be in Venice until June 28. We need San Marco and Doge's Palace Skip the Lines tickets there. Then we are coming to Florence June 28 and staying to July 1st. While in Florence we need Duomo tickets (skip the lines) for inside Duomo and the museums, Academia, and Uffizi combo ticket for Uffizi, Piiti Palace, and Boboli Gardens. I also need information on a day trip to either Siena or Cortona/Montepulciano.

    We were in Rome last year and all emails from tour companies were returned within a day. We literally can get no tour information in Florence. I have specific questions that cannot be answered just through looking at a website. Could you please put me in contact with a company that will help me right away? I am at a loss as to what to do to try and book tours and have questions answered, and am about to travel to Italy Monday and have never been to the Region.

    Thank you so much for your help,

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    Ciao Julianne,

    In this day and age, many tour companies are used to having everything booked online so maybe that's why they are not replying, even if it is bad customer service. It should not be an indication of the quality of the tours, since that is generally dependent on your tour guide - completely separate thing.

    I can suggest some tours you can book given the info you gave me, which we offer through our partner Viator:

    San Marco and Doge's Palace:

    Duomo tickets in Florence:
    If you want to visit the duomo and its museums, you need the Duomo Pass for 18 euros. There is NO SKIP the line priviledge at the Duomo. You can buy ticket online and book the climb up the duomo here:
    - just tickets for Uffizi, Palazzo Pitti and Boboli - there is a combo ticket - you can book online or by phone at 055-294-883
    - if you want a walking tour that includes tickets to Uffizi and Accademia, I suggest this one:
    or this one

    For day trips to Siena or Cortona or Chianti or any other place, take a look at this page:

    We tried this tour out recently and enjoyed how much you can see in a day, but it was a long and tiring day:
    Here's my review:

    You can keep searching on that page for lots more tours!

    Hope you can manage to find something you like and have a great trip!!
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