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Thread: Making Reservations at Accademia & Uffizi

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    Default Making Reservations at Accademia & Uffizi

    I want to purchase tickets for the Accademia. When I went to the B ticket site the tickets have times in 15 minute intervals. Is that the time you are allowed admission to the museum or is that the specific time to view the David statue? Please advise as we are not sure how to plan our day and what time to purchase a ticket for.

    Does the € 38 combo ticket for the Uffizi & Pitti Palace allow access over several days or must all the attractions be visited in one day?

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    The designated time for the Accademia is when you are allowed entry to the museum. Once inside you can wander to the various areas within and have as long as you choose to stay to do so.

    My understanding is that the Uffizi, Pitti, Boboli combination ticket is valid for entry to each site one time over 3 days. I believe the Uffizi is the location where the ticket must be picked up and is the first location one must visit.

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    As Uomo Grasso has said, the time you pick when buying tickets to the Accademia (or any other museum) is the time you want to enter. You "prebook" tickets since you don't actually get tickets ahead of time, you need to get to the museum about 15 minutes before the time you booked for and for the Uffizi pass by another door and trade in the voucher to pick up actual paper tickets, then proceed to the entrance and go in. For Accademia, you just get in line in the "prebooked" line and pick up the paper tickets once you've gone through security. Once inside, you can stay in the museum as long as you want, including by the David ;-).

    For the combo ticket for the Uffizi, you need to visit the Uffizi first and activate the ticket there. You can see more details on this page on the official site. It is valid for 1 visit per museum over the course of 3 days, so you can spread out the visits over 2 or 3 days, if you wish.
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